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Greenworks Polokwane

Transform Your Outdoor Maintenance with Our Revolutionary Battery-Powered Tools


Best-In-Class Technology

No more fumes, noise, or tedious maintenance with our Cordless Ride-On Lawnmowers. They're easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free, ushering in a cleaner, quieter outdoor maintenance era.

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Battery-Powered Tools

RNA Spares & Repairs, your authorized Greenworks dealer, offers innovative battery-operated outdoor tools for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Discover versatile tools across 24V, 40V, Pro 60V, and 82V ranges.


One Battery Fits Them All

Easily swap batteries across different tools within the same voltage range. From chainsaws to backpack blowers, maintaining a beautiful outdoors has never been more convenient

RNA Spares & Repairs, authorised dealer of GREENWORKS Power Tools

The epitome of innovation in battery-powered outdoor power tools for DIY Enthusiasts and Landscaping Professionals alike. Greenworks offers a diverse range of products spanning across 24V, 40V, Pro 60V, and commercial-grade 82V battery-powered cordless outdoor tools, as well as a comprehensive line of corded equipment and reel mowers.
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A Voltage Platform for All Your Needs

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Sustainability starts with the air you breathe

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Power Life with Tools for Your Home & Garden

Mow with Ease, Mow with Green

Experience the pinnacle of hassle-free lawn maintenance with GreenWorks’ Ride-On Lawnmower. Forget the days of cumbersome petrol refills and ear-deafening engine roars. This innovative machine is a breeze to operate, making lawn care a peaceful and enjoyable task. With its battery-powered prowess, glide across your lawn quietly, efficiently, and with zero emissions. The future of effortless lawn maintenance is here, and it’s greener than ever.

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A Garage of Green, A Lifetime of Ease

Welcome to a garage where every tool holds the promise of uncomplicated, efficient outdoor maintenance. GreenWorks offers a comprehensive suite of tools that are not only powerful but are designed with the environment in mind. From the quiet hum of the chainsaw to the efficient sweep of the leaf blower, each tool is a testament to innovation, making your outdoor chores a breeze. One battery powers them all, reducing the clutter of cords and fuel cans. It’s not just a garage; it’s your personal hub of eco-friendly, powerful, and reliable outdoor maintenance solutions

Join the green revolution, and experience first-hand, the Greenworks promise of superior power, performance, and savings at RNA Spares & Repairs. Your journey towards more sustainable and efficient outdoor maintenance begins here.

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