8.8t Blade Bolt Set – High Quality and Durable


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Looking for a reliable and long-lasting blade bolt set for your power tools? Look no further than RNA Spares! Our 8.8t Blade Bolt Set is made from high-quality materials and built to last, ensuring that your power tools stay in top condition for longer.


  • 8.8t strength rating
  • High-quality materials
  • Durable construction
  • Designed for use with a variety of power tools


  • Ensures a secure and stable connection between your power tool and blade
  • Long-lasting and reliable, reducing the need for frequent replacements
  • Compatible with a range of power tools, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit
  • Easy to install and use, saving you time and hassle

Invest in the best for your power tools with RNA Spares’ 8.8t Blade Bolt Set. Order now and experience the difference in quality and durability!

Blade Bolt Set 8.8t, this includes the bolt, nut and washer, can be used for a wide range of lawnmower blades to attach the blade securely.
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